Kayak adventures... monsoon anyone?

Me and my girlfriend just purchased two Old Town Loon 138's at a great deal... thanks craigslist! These kayaks were in near perfect condition and we just couldn't pass them up because they were everything we needed as far as size and storage and all. Well, yesterday while my girlfriend, Starr is at school, I had the day off and decided I was going fishing! Luckily we have a small lake right behind the house so I didn't have to load the kayak up to take it anywhere.

It was raining early in the morning so I decided to get some breakfast and wait for the rain to clear up. After about an hour or so, things cleared up and I figured, now's my chance! So I grab my tackle box, fishing pole and a couple of negra modelo's and load up the kayak. I get out into the lake and rig up my line with a top water plug and get about 3 casts out when I realize the wind is causing me to drift right back to the yard. So I decide to paddle to the other end of the lake and drift my way back down to the end I started from.

I live in Tampa, Florida and anyone who knows Florida weather knows it comes from out of nowhere and can disappear just as quickly. Well, just as I get to the other end of the lake, I was given no warning and all of a sudden as we say here "the bottom dropped out". The rain was coming down in buckets as I'm now steadily paddling my way back to shore! I make it back to the yard and I'm completely soaked at this point!

First attempt at kayak fishing... unsuccessful! Stay tuned for the next adventure, lettuce leaf park!

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